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This apparatus is also known as aerial tissues or fabrics. Students learn from the ground up, starting low, learning proper body placement, and building strength. 


This apparatus is also known as aerial hoop and is a metal hoop hung from one or two points. Students learn how to create unique shapes and poses while spinning.


While the trapeze does not swing through the air, it is hooked to a swivel allowing it to spin.  Students learn how to do tricks both under and over the bar.


This is a self-lead time in the studio for students. They are welcome to stretch and practice skills that they already know. This is not intended to be a class to learn or test new skills.


During open gym, students can learn basic ground acrobatic skills such as cartwheels and handstands and learn how to work with and support a partner.


Private classes are offered to help hone skills and choreograph routines. Private parties are also offered for birthdays, bachelorette parties, or any other special occasions.

Classes run for an hour. They begin with calisthenic stretching and conditioning. Students progress through classes learning new skills and combining them to form sequences. Classes end with a cool down and final stretch.

All skill levels, ages, and body types are welcome to any class. Each student will work through a curriculum based on their skill set and progress at their own pace.

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